transformING Windows Evergreen management with the power of automation

Struggling to manage your Windows 10 Evergreen updates?

Once migrated to Windows 10, successfully managing the continuous updates is an ongoing process. Managing this manually presents a wide range of problems for any business:

Highly Complex Deployment Plans

Increased Capital Costs

Poor End-user Experience

High Security and Compliance Risks

Critical Risk of Downtime

Excessive Pressure on your BAU IT Teams


Our automated software-solution enables you to plan, test and deploy Windows 10 Security and Feature updates. The modular components are built to help you with your migration to Windows 10 and the ongoing Windows-as-a-Service management, reporting and analytics.

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What can Infinity do for you?

Managing your Windows Evergreen environment doesn’t have to be a challenge. By using our Infinity software you will enjoy a wide range of benefits:

Saving Time

Utilising smart automation throughout the process means you can deploy these updates more regularly and quickly

Reducing Down Time

Our new framework manages each step of the journey, which means less impact on your business and your employees

Enhanced Security

Better managed, faster deployments mean your IT estate is less exposed to security or compliance risks

Saving You Money

Our software suite reduces capital costs and the expense of a specialist project team to manage your deployments

Better End-user Experience

Our scheduling and communication tools enable you to communicate the changes to your business reducing disruption to business-as-usual

Advanced analytics

Real-time testing and deployment analytics across users, teams and whole departments